November/December 2018 Plans

Mutant Standard S2

I'm working on this again!

  • Revamped novelty thinks
  • Some new emoji, including some pretty cursed ones

Mutant Standard 0.3.2


I'm just gonna really try to dedicate myself to focusing on animals, even if it results in not as much emoji this release (animals are hard x-x).

Text Description Data

kiilas and I talked about how I could start providing text descriptions, and it turns out the answers are already in Orxporter.

This doesn't mean that the normal packages will contain text descriptions (text descriptions occur at a software level), but what this means is that the data will be available, enabling developers and others to be able to include text descriptions for Mutant Standard emoji where they can.

This will be achieved by simply adding TD data to emoji manifests in Mutant Standard's build files, and I can also provide a precompiled JSON with emoji metadata (that includes text descriptions) on the site if people would find that helpful.

This also probably won't happen in one go because there are so many emoji designs now, but I'll start progressively adding them until they're all done :)

Translations Advice

kiilas and I also talked about how I could start providing opportunities for people to start translating shortcodes and TDs if anyone wants to, and it turns out the answers are also already in the newly open sourced Orxporter and the Build Files repository.

Anyone can fork the Build Files repository and start translating the shortcode names in the manifests. I'm going to write a blog post talking about it a bit so everyone knows that it's possible, that I'm more than happy for people to do that if they want, etc.

Sticker Sheets

I'd like to work on the sticker sheet project some more, gauge the feasibility of a small crowdfunding campaign, gauge peoples' interest and what kind of designs people would be into, and so on.