November 2nd Update!
YO! I guess October is...Oct-over! ....YEAHHHHH! Monday was a crazy day! World War 3 went up on iTunes (and Android) around 3pm, hosted a new Super OSW 64 at 5pm and released the new Superbrawl episode by 8pm! Absolutely dying that night lol. 

Here's what's cookin' in OSW! (*V1 noise*):
• Available Now! World War 3 on or or mp3 direct link
• Available Now! New OSW review, Superbrawl VI!
FRIDAY NIGHT: The next live chat with myself watching Superbrawl is THIS COMING FRIDAY at 8pm GMT! IIRC that's 4pm EST. I'll send messages out earlier that day with all the details!
THIS WEEKEND: Super OSW 64: I'm currently doing final editing of the new Super OSW 64 - I'll send it to the audio feed on Friday! It actually contains an extra track not heard on the broadcast!
Rewards: I'll be learning how to work my new labelmaker and hopefully sending out the first batch of BARS this weekend! Sneak peek at NU stuff!
LATER THIS MONTH: Our YouTube account will be back in time for Survivor Series! Longer explanation here

Welcome to our new freshmen at NoggerU! Here's a quick list of the cool AXCLOOSIV vids we have on tap, and to make sure nobody's missed them!:
Super Mario Bros (1993) Film Review!
WWE Countdown Film Review!
World War 3 Deleted Scenes!
Fall Brawl Deleted Scenes!

Remember you can always ask me anything here, either PM me or leave me a comment! And, if you're ever near The White House, there's a toolshed out back -- I'm in there most of the day.