November: #3 week
What's up my dudes and dudettes!

November is almost over, only one week left and it's Christmas/Holiday season. I hope you're ready for chocolate and cinnamon everything, ugly sweater style, I know I sure am! But before that, let's recap what happened this week, shall we?

The week started early this time, to be precise on Sunday. Adam Driver's birthday animated portrait just sneaked into this batch. What can you do?

On Monday, as per usual, a study of a movie still, this time my all time favourite, The Fifth Element. The movie visuals are so beautiful, it's hard not to paint everything about it. 

Wednesday brought us animated ending of PH-ORCE: episode 8! Things are heating up there, I can tell you that. 

Have you seen those Harry Potter characters at Hogwarts animated illos I posted on Thursday? If you're in need of some quiet magical time, definitely check them out.   

And last but not least, FANART FRIDAY! Some Reylo Action. Are they fighting, are they dancing? You never know with those two. 

My dear patrons will get:

♥ High-Res

♥ Sketches and lineart

♥ Votes for drawing content 

♥ Process Steps gifs ($5+)

 That's all for today! Thank you for your support and till next time! xxo 

rewards will be sent at the end of this month