November Checkpoint
Goddamn Patreon you keep switching stuff up on a dude he's gonna wind up double posting all the dang time.

Man. I gotta be upfront with y'all, progress has been slow this month.

There's probably a dozen things I could blame this on, ranging from the election to school to just anguish and stress affecting the whole time but up front it goes like this: Not a whole lot going on up until now and no real pretty images to tag along with the checkpoint this time.

Here's what has been happening tho:

November is the Battle System Sprint, which is so to say all work has been focused on refining and getting the battle system to a near playable state. What this means is we've currently refined how the panel system works to now take into account special terrain types and started solidifying the design of a coupla enemies.

Next Month we'll continue to work on the battle system but more directly focused on the fun stuff like AI. There's a neat tree depicting how AI flow is supposed to work on this whiteboard in front of me, but Patreon ain't a big fan of pics so just bear with me here. It's dope. Lots of ones and zeroes, alright?

If we're talking about battles though, we need to talk about Bosses, right? A game without witches ain't nothing without Witches, so I want to drop a quick preview of the first boss we've begun work on: Skull Witch, a necromancer who doubles as a Luchadora. She's rad. More to come.

Finally I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about changes to this Patreon coming up. Me being the overly excited boy I am, I threw together rewards and goals before I could actually think about these things, but coming soon they're likely to get restructured to focus more on this being a place of announcements and pledgers get the goodies. I'll put out another post before that day comes, but keep that in mind if you want to edit your pledges accordingly.

Thank you so much once again for your continued support on this project. Not all checkpoints are full of progress, but I promise the hustle doesn't sleep here and cool things are in the crockpot over here at A6.

Special shout outs again to the ever amazing @Tronmaximum  for their amazing art. See you guys soon.