November Horoscopes are up!
The month of November will offer many opportunities for expansion and forward movement as the month begins on a high note following a New Moon in Scorpio. Jupiter, our planet of joy and good fortune, squares up with Pluto the entire month, our planet of transformation and renewal, allowing for celestial opportunities for self-assertion, ambition, and intense adjustments.

Whether or not you're willing change or seeking it out, change is upon you and chances are you'll be less likely to compromise anything. Even if you have been lax or lazy or lenient in your goals, possibilities for change, advancement, and altruistic intensity are all around you.

This transit can be much like the moral of the story of Frankenstein: there is always an underlying reason behind the limitations we question, test, or push through. As you navigate yourself through the limitations life serves you while seeking out your purpose, your promotion, your spiritual guidance, or your self-worth you may find yourself becoming aggressive, compulsive, persuasive, even relentless. Be mindful of this. The things you seek possess their own powers and to fully obtain the potential these offer you must learn to compromise, adjust, or once and for all leave old patterns of behavior behind.

As a matter of fact, old patterns of behavior may prove to be a large hindrance for you this month, exaggerating the probability of past mistakes or, and hopefully so, make way for acknowledgement of past mistakes so as not to repeat them but to apply the lesson aggressively and move forward.

What is essential to understand through the Jupiter/Pluto transit is your relationship with the power of persuasion you possess now and the influence upon others you hold. How you progress through this transit, through the opportunities and the obstacles, will resemble your true character and how you both protect and provide strength of mind over matter.

In between your highs and lows, be mindful of what is no longer useful, working, or bringing light as the Full Moon mid-month brings light to the darkest of nights. Consider what it means for you to be useful these days, and act accordingly. Take what is no longer working and either fix it or dispose of it. Seek out your light and you will bring light to everything.

At the end of the month the moonless night sky will provide a spiritual light through the darkness once more as the New Moon in Sagittarius jovially shares new insights through means previously unknown to you.