November Classes!
I know we are almost at the end of the month, but I swear, this month was so hectic that until a few days ago, I thought it was still the "beginning" of the month!

So, for November, with respect for everyone who will be travelling for the holiday week, our November class will actually be held on December 2nd. We will have the December classes on December 16. 

November 2017 class: Getting Started Writing Online

Saturday, December 2 10am-11:45am pacific.

There is only one class offered November because this is a double-length class. There's a lot to cover! Learn the basics of getting started with online writing, from basic pitching, setting up a blog, managing social media, and more! This is one of my most popular classes and I really enjoy teaching it, because it teaches a lot of the inside tips that are hard to learn elsewhere but absolutely essential to know.

If you are pledged at a level to attend a live class or get a copy of the class recording, please email me at [email protected] if this month's class is one you want to take.

***Free class for underrepresented writers:As always, your Patreon support enables me to be able to offer up these classes for free to underrepresented writers. Thanks to the generosity of my supporters, I'm able to help support new and aspiring writers who have been traditionally excluded from the writing and publishing world. If you want to take this class for free, you can sign up here: