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Halloween is behind us, which means fall - and fall conventions - are in store. Autumn is kind of great like that really, a short few weeks to enjoy the time between Summer heat and Winter's merciless wrath. And since it's convention season in some parts, we thought why not go ahead and offer up a convention of our own with AssassinCon!  You can check out the BGG Entry for more info.

AssassinCon is...pretty much what it sounds like. It's a convention for assassins. Because, why not? There's pretty much a convention for everything else. To leave them out would be a little unfair, don't you think?

In AssassinCon, your goal of course is to meet, mingle, show off your latest hardware, and oh right - proving you're the absolute best at your job. And what better way than by having a contest to see who can take their target first? The catch is that in your hunt for the mark, you're also being hunted by someone else, and although you know which player is after you, you have no idea which in-game character they are. It could be literally anyone shuffling past you - the churro vendor, the eerie mother & daughter strolling the halls, the guy with a sniper scope pointed at you - anyone!

It's a quick little game of hidden movement and secret identities, and while it could have been made with a serious tone in mind, the entire premise comes off more than a little subversive.

At least, that's what we heard. We didn't get tickets to AssassinCon. So don't shoot the messenger.

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