November Issue Sneak Peak
So there are only THREE MORE DAYS to sign up for Bestiary issue 3, and it only costs $10 to receive the digital issue ($25 for the PHYSICAL edition)!! This is a special sneak-peek at the cover of this issue, THAT I AM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT!!! Do you see the two duders busy at work in this galaxy-nymph's hair?? The November issue has gorgeous gouache and watercolor pieces that I CANT WAIT to share with you, as well as poems and a GREAT yummy recipe!! Check out the link at the end of this post for how to subscribe!!

Also, I was featured on Patreon's main page yesterday (O__O!!! Check it out here: ), so I'm just thrilled overall. I feel like I've grown and stretched and am making art that is so much more meaningful after just a few months. Thanks for supporting me in this. It's my dream that I'm loving right now. You rock.