November Loot List!
Lots of different themes going on this month! 1887 Emma Frost, Black Cat, Catwoman, and three different lingerie looks!

I am still editing the photos for the month, but they will be done and sent your way before the month is over! Moriah and I did the Catwoman shoot on location yesterday, but I just couldn't wait to edit at least one photo to show you guys! Behind the Scenes and extra selfies going to be posted to the Patreon Feed soon as well. I already mailed out the prints for the month, but if you joined after that initial delivery, I will have your package on the way soon! I plan to go to the post office on Friday or Monday.

Thank you all for making this possible! I know I say it every month, but none of this content would have existed without your support here on Patreon. That is 200% true fact! So I hope you like everything :)