November Merit Badge, 2018
Hey Scouts,

This November, you’ll be earning your Seasonal Eater badge! 🍒🍊🌽🍠

A big tenant of modern environmentalism is eating both seasonally and locally. Why? The fossil fuels used to transport food all over the globe, pesticides used to grow monocultures, and energy-sucking methods that we employ to make food last from farm to market — it’s all harmful to the planet in a big way. Apart from ecological benefits, there are humanistic advantages to shopping this way too: stimulating your local economy, promoting food diversity in your area, preserving farmland that would be otherwise commercially developed, and eating the freshest and tastiest food.

But our lives are so busy! Maybe you work during every farmer’s market your city holds. Maybe you’ve tried to eat this way before but too much food went to waste. Maybe you live paycheck-to-paycheck or you’re convinced you’re a terrible cook. At Selva Beat, we understand that change can be hard (and scary)! So, for this badge, we’re giving you all the knowledge you need to make practical but worthwhile changes to your routine.

By the end of this month, you will have learned how to:

  • Compost in any setting
  • Preserve the food you have and avoid food waste
  • Shop sustainably at the grocery store
  • Pick the best CSA
  • And more! 

We’ll also be sharing a food diary from one of our staff to show you how this can all be done in the real world. Other perks include a shopping list of everything you need to go sustainable grocery shopping and a harvest menu for the US’s most popular food holiday.

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🌽🦃  Photo by Magdalena Antuña. This is a free preview of the Rainbow Troop. To see more posts like this, become a Selva Scout here.