November music video
Here's November's video. Thanks for all who are supporting. Listen to this one with sub woofers on. ;-)

Would love to hear if you're enjoying this & if you're able to access you rewards. Hope you are well on this full moon eve. <3

Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month
What a wonderful start! $1 per month.Thanks. Really small amounts are such big help. Here's what you'll be getting.
  • Access to patron-only content¬†
  • 1 music video per month
  • Sneak peek photos & news of upcoming releases
  • Patron-only polls for things like voting on cover tunes or ideas for song creation

$5 or more per month

  • mp3 copy of monthly video release
  • minimum 1 additional mp3 of featured song
  • Plus all previous rewards
$10 or more per month
  • always some extra surprises
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • minimum 2 additional mp3s per month
$25 or more per month
  • Early downloads of all releases
  • Your name in the credits of my videos
  • Plus all previous rewards
$50 or more per month
  • 1/2 hour skype or zoom music lesson per month
  • Plus all previous rewards
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