November Wallpaper Pack
It's blue! It's fluffy! It's your new wallpaper friend, Trill the dragonling. I finished this on my comeback stream and it was a blast! Thanks to all that lent their support & enthusiasm so I could get this done. :)

As of now, wallpaper packs have been sent to all $5+ patron emails. Let me know if yours hasn't arrived! (& if there's a size you want that's not included, let me know l and I'll update the pack!)

----> You can find all previous wallpapers here!

Some extra fine print for the curious:
-These wallpapers are special patron rewards just for you guys! Don't redistribute or post the files online. Be cool.
-Starting in July, wallpapers have swapped to email-only distribution (coloring pages will remain blog posts!). If you joined my Patreon later and want an old wallpaper pack, I'll email along an old set for $5.
-Be awesome, don't be not awesome.