November Wallpaper Poll!
At the end of each month I take one of the pictures I've made and I turn it into an HD wallpaper for your desktop or phone. The wallpapers are only for $5+ patrons but anyone can vote! 

Voting ends on the 29th. That's one week from today.

Wallpapers are delivered after payments are processed at the beginning of December.

Links to the candidates:

Another World 


Saïx's Claymore 

Vectorized Isaac posts [1, 2, 3, 4

Another World (Rick and Morty)


Splicerchu (BioShock/Legend of Zelda)


Saïx's Claymore (Kingdom Hearts)


Vectorized Isaac Collage (see above links for items included)

Poll ended Nov 29, 2017
2 votes total
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