November Poll Results
Firstly, I have three partially done milestone images (after one I just posted), that I wanted to finish all this weekend, but I expect will be finished / posted during the upcoming week.


  • Busty Female Justin doing his best to sell more comic books - 104
  • Nanase in dark makeup / clothing with magic spells at the ready - 97
  • Tall, muscular Diane exercising in shorts and a sports bra  - 82
  • Carol in the early stages of shrinking during a live news report, clothing noticeably loose - 54

Okay, fine. I'll stop trying to push for shrinky Carol.

I mean, shrinky Carol is totally going to happen, but still.


  • Nanase with pet fox-girl Ellen in a bikini - 141
  • Grace with pet squirrel-girl Tedd in a bikini - 125
  • Elliot with pet dog-girl Ashley in a bikini - 64
  • Ashley with pet cat-boy Elliot in swim trunks - 49

I had a poll to help decide who would be in this double poll, which Ashley and Elliot dominated, and then they lost. I'm sort of assuming at this point that people assumed Elliot would be female in these scenarios in spite of me being specific about that sort of thing with Tedd? I dunno. Just sorta feeling sorry for Elliot right now. He's going to be in so many "my choice" dealies now.


  • Mrs. Kitsune finds a magic keepsake of Nanase's that, among other things, makes her 20 years younger - 114
  • Hanma chooses Greg, the wisest human alive by her estimation, to be a magical girl - 95
  • Greg achieves the pinnacle of anime martial arts with a power up that happens to be a much smaller female form -95

I had a poll for this one, too! It was made up of past comic poll options that were relatively popular, and I have to say, I did not expect both Greg options to wind up on the final poll.

I've noticed Greg options are usually popular enough to almost win, but not actually win? I think I'm going to just think of a third Greg option and have all Greg options for the comic poll some month to finally guarantee Gregness.

Some month. Not next month. Next month's poll will be three other past comic options.