November status update
Every writer on the Internet knows what November means: NaNoWriMo. While I don't participate in the "official" version of the friendly competition, I do use this month as a kind of writing "push". It's a chance for me to start a new story, and my goal is 50,000 words or the completion of that story, whichever comes first.

This year, my choice was a novel I'm currently calling Nocturne. Yesterday afternoon, I finished writing for the day, and my word count for the month ended at a staggering 50,499. Even accounting for overhead (chapter headings, for example), I'm definitely over the 50K mark. And I still have half the month to go.

Supporters ($10 and up) can start reading the unfinished first draft right now. Everyone else gets to wait until it's done, which (at the rate I'm going) shouldn't be too much longer.

After I'm done with this one, I think I'll head back to the Linear Anthology, which is now looking less like an anthology and more like a series. Then it's into the Otherworld again. 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for releases. Let's hope it turns out just as great for new stories.

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