November Update
Hey folks, hope you're having a great month! 

Really excited to check out PhilaMrkt on November 25th. If you haven't already, check out my chat with Steve DeCusatis and Josh Carter about the new event, and hopefully I'll see you there!

Just finished up a series of interviews for the podcast that I can't wait to share with you, including Monica O, Scotty Reifsnyder, Rodney Ibarra and Chris Cashdollar. Plus, I sat down with the legendary Alina Wheeler to talk about her career, the fifth edition of her book, "Designing Brand Identity" and more. Look for these episodes and more on the Hi-Res feed. If you haven't already, subscribe today!

For my Patreon subscribers, I've got a lot of great stuff on the horizon. For our bonus episode this December, I'll be sitting down once again with Dan Gneiding (@gray_hood) and Melissa McFeeters (@mmcfeeters) for a review of the new Star Wars movie. We sat down for a bonus episode a couple of years ago to discuss "The Force Awakens," which you can go back and find in the Hi-Res feed and on  There was plenty of crazy theories and mirth to be had and I'm sure our chat about "The Last Jedi" will be no exception. Currently I'm on spoiler lockdown, which means no trailers and sticking my fingers in my ears and closing my eyes whenever a commercial comes on TV, so I'm looking forward to finally seeing the movie and sitting down with Dan and Melissa to hash out all our theories and whatnot.

Since the movie doesn't come out until later in the month, the bonus episode will be a little late, so as an added bonus, I'm giving Patreon subscribers EARLY ACCESS to my chat with Alina Wheeler, over two weeks before it posts on the Hi-Res feed. Look for that on December 1st. 

Look forward to even more bonus content in the new year with fan favorites like Chris Fernandez (c_illustrates), Matt Goold (@magicdad) and more! 

Finally, since it is the season of giving thanks, I want to give thanks to you guys, not only for being supporters of the show through Patreon but for listening to the show for the past three seasons and for telling people about it. I'm so inspired by the designers, photographers and illustrators in our fair city who've sat down with me and shared their experiences and I love knowing that there is an audience for these conversations. So again, thanks so much for listening!