The November Update
It's time for a round of updates regarding all the projects that I maintain, started, or otherwise worked on - with some new binaries for everyone!

AMD Encoder (for OBS Studio)

The main repository was moved into the OBSProject Github Team, which means that all code changes now happen through PRs. CI is a little bit more difficult as I have not enough rights to create an authentication key for AppVeyor to upload binaries, so that is now manually done again.

Aside from that, not much has changed. Vega GPUs are still somewhat broken, reporting back support for Profile Levels that are later not available and randomly crashing with nonsense in the stack.


Stream Effects (for OBS Studio)

Stream Effects has received a much needed do-over, adding basic Quality-of-Life changes and fixing a lot of crashes and freezes.

  • Various internal fixes, additions and changes to improve stability and create better code.
  • Transform Filter: Now supports Mipmapping for Power-Of-Two and Non-Power-Of-Two inputs, reducing aliasing in the image itself (but not on edges).
  • Blur Filter: Support for Images, Sources and Scenes (with OBS 23.x) as input, with Color Mask selector to have multiple blur filter masks in a single image, source or scene (red channel = gaussian, blue channel = box blur, etc).
  • Source Mirror: Various fixes for audio mirroring.
  • Source Mirror: Now supports Scenes (with OBS 23.x).
  • Source Mirror: Now actively tracks the rename event of the selected source, instead of constantly rechecking every few ms for changes.
  • SDF Shadow Filter: New filter allowing efficient creation of shadows using signed distance fields, though with a lot of issues due to the dynamic input.

That is quite a bit of changes, and I've also started work on improving the CI script to automatically generate installers and archives that actually match the obs structure.

Download (Release):
Download (Bleeding-Edge):

FFmpeg Encoder (for OBS Studio)

This is a new project, which adds ffmpeg encoders into the normal OBS Studio workflow. It came to be after discussion with a certain Frankie and realizing that no existing codec or integration worked well enough in both OBS Studio and editing software. And so I went and learned the ffmpeg API to expose the prores_aw encoder to the normal workflow.

The first version only supports the prores_aw encoder, offering you the option to select the Profile, however it will always take the system cores for thread count and the custom field option doesn't yet work correctly.

Download (Release):
Download (Bleeding-Edge):


Early attempts at an Internationalization library for my new "Slow 3G" friendly website, which focuses on minimal data being transferred, relying on browser caching and javascript instead of a server-side parser. It works relatively fast, and I'm still working on some changes to it (such as removing the mandatory file download part and moving that into something else).


AV1 Encoder for OBS Studio

Unfortunately I still have no good news here. The main implementation is still incredibly slow, but it seems to be getting faster. Maybe in 2019 we'll see it hit 30fps for 480p, but right now it's just straight up not usable.

Other Things

I've recently lost my contract with Streamlabs, and as such went job hunting. Starting tomorrow I should have a new job, which doesn't mess with my sleeping schedule as much and should permit me to be awake during the day.

Aside from that, I've reinstalled Windows 10 again, this time I actually managed to figure out the NVMe RAID stuff AMD has, and am currently plagued by a rare but effective bluescreen which has caused quite some frustration. I hope that I can track down the cause of this, as it's quite annoying.

Until next time,

- Xaymar

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