November Update

It's time for another monthly update! I completely forgot to do one last month, so this will be a bit longer than usual. 

The Church of Morlorrim 

The first map of the last theme was The Church of Morlorrim, a church of an ancient god, known as the Lord of Shadows. It is now abandoned. Or is it..?

Abandoned Graveyard 

Next we explored the graveyard near the abandoned church. It's an old graveyard that has been exceptionally well maintained for one as old as it is. Some say you can even see the lanterns light up at night. Some say it's the work of a secret cult. Others say that the spirit of Morlorrim himself...


The graveyard near the old church of Morlorrim is full of tombstones, as one might expect. In the far back are a number of mausoleums: several small ones, and two bigger ones. One of these is build on top a steep hill, overlooking the misty graveyard below. Stone stairs lead to it and from within the structure you can make out a light. it seems unnatural, like a purple glow...

The Church of Annaaru 

The next map was a less grim one: The Church of Annaaru is the opposite of the Church of Morlorrim. Where Morlorrim is the Lord of Shadows, Annaaru is the Lade of Light. She's associated with life, hope, and generally all things good. Morlorrim is usually associated with death, despair and destruction. Regardless, many believe Morlorrim to be important in maintaining a divine balance. 

The Church of Annaaru (Second Floor) 

Then we got to explore the second level of the Church.

The Hamlet of Dossorlan 

Finally we explored the Hamlet of Dossorlan. It is rumored that long ago a great city stood where you'll find the Dossor Swamp today. Its people worshipped the Lord of Shadows, but when he was defeated and driven back to the Plane of Shadows the city fell into ruin. The only parts of the city that survived were the Church of Morlorrim and the nearby graveyard. 

We've already had a vote for the next theme, which will be 'Aristocratic Monarchy'. For that we'll explore the great Kingdom of Burbry. Those that have been following my work for a while now might have noticed that name before. It was shown on the maps of Domari and Rasfadal.

Expect some cities where the elite thrive, throne rooms and castles. 

That's all for now. As always, happy gaming!


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