November Update
Let's start with the bad news. If you read in a previous post I mentioned I was involved in a car accident which slowed down my work. I'm now fine and my car is mostly fixed. However yesterday I was notified I am getting laid off my main job sometime next year.

My crap sandwich keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I tell you this not to be depressing or a drama king. I just want to be upfront and notify you of real life things that affect the amount of content I put out. You are paying me to keep making videos and you have the right to know. I also want to thank you all for your patronage. Without it I would be far more freaked out than my current, moderately freaked out state. Thank you.

Speaking of content, November will be "Finish Your Damn Promises" month. The Circle Orboros models WILL be done. In fact the Warpwolf is almost finished. I'm also starting on the giant series with the Cloud giant. On the plastic side of things, Moebius Models' Penguin has been started. I'm sure there will be additional projects going on as well. With any luck, there will be a big ass troll in the queue, too. When the Circle is done we'll have another vote so you can decide on the next project. Currently I don't even have a game system in mind to narrow down the field, so starting thinking of games.

Quick word on hardware. I will be getting a new, pricey microphone soon. I was about to order it, but held off due to the car accident. I will still get it, but l just wanted to see all my bills first. Soon you will hear me mumble in higher clarity.

Finally, this month will see the launch of a new pledge level. The currently poorly named "Raffle" level will be for, well, raffling off various painted models. This pledge level will come and go and vary in price depending on if I have something and what is being offered. It's easier to think about it as a raffle ticket instead of a pledge level.

To kick things off, I'm giving away a whole damn army.

Stay tuned.

Thank you