November huddling update.
Hey, folks.

In light of what's just happened in the US, I'm taking a fresh look at all the nonprofits we're going to need more than ever.  The ones that would look at the characters in BICP and say, "yes, those are good people, who deserve to have their rights protected and fought for."

Since all of you have supported me throughout the years -- not just patrons, but followers in general, every person reading and commenting on and sharing my work -- I'm going to make a donation on your behalf.

$57, the value of my November Patreon take, to...well, I'll open that up to you.

BICP is a comic about women, queer people, black people, Muslims, Jewish people, and trans people. So comment here with your favorite organization that focuses on defending one or more of those groups. If there's an obvious favorite or two, I'll split the donation between them. If not, I'll make another post next week to take a poll.

And on the off chance that nobody responds, I'll default to sending the money to the ACLU, which covers a little bit of all our bases.

Final note: these posts aren't locked to donors. You don't have to be a financial supporter to chime in. As long as you're a reader/fan/decent human being.