It was a pretty rough run lately, my family's dog Riley passed away on Friday, and my laptop/computer’s hard drive bracket decided also to break. It was backed up, so the data loss was minimal, but it decided to break on the biggest weekend for electronics, so that was fun.

I sent an update via messenger to everyone, and I’m now getting the ball rolling once again. I’m about a full-two weeks behind schedule on everything, so here’s exactly where I stand. With the hard drive issue, I lost the template, which shouldn’t take too long to re-create, but will still slow these down a bit more than expected. The fast goal is Friday (DEC 2), but I think it will more likely than not be the following weekend ( DEC 10/11). 

Also, just to give you an early head’s up, next month our patron sketch will be open to anything or any style from the past eleven months of 2016. More info will be coming next week on those.

For now, here’s the Queue for patron:

1. Daze

2. Chalur

3. Lostcat 

4. Ryanr 

5. darkwolfswordsman 

6. shadowfox 

7. shadtormond

8. coreyvolpe 

9. nickadams 

10. colincleland

11. Jask 

12. Lation 


Dragon Commissions: I will be contacting each of you this week to get your specifics (AGAIN) and to give estimates for time. The ETA for these is now DEC 16. And on that day the next promo will go up for next month’s commission.

Apologies for the inconvenience, I was already behind but I wasn’t prepared for this much of a drag.

Dragon Queue: 

1. Myanmor - WIP (PICTURED)

2. Eccocode

3. Chalur

4. Lostcat 

5. Vectordragon 

6. Supertroll1234

7. Lation 

8. Ferchoburton

Again I apologize for the inconvenience for all of this, and thank you all again for being so patient. If anyone has further questions or concerns, you can contact me through the note system here, or via telegram (Roleplay inquiries are not concerns or questions). 


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