November Update
Sup homies, 

I'm going to keep this update short and sweet this month. 

 1. Juggling two lives is tough! 

My typical animation day is as follows:

7AM - Wake up

9AM - Work

6PM - Home

7.30PM - Dinner / Hang out with GF.

9.00PM - Animate

11.30PM - Sleep

I'll be brutally honest with you. This project is having a big impact on my work life and my relationship.  But I'm working through it. I'm all about the balance. 

2. My workflow is too slow. I need to optimize it.  

Animating can be frustrating. Anyone that's tried to animate can appreciate that comment.  

I spent an entire weekend documenting my animation workflow. What's an animation workflow? For me, it's all the actions I need to take to get ready for animating a new scene. 

At the moment, it takes me approximately 20 minutes to get to this point. I'm not even going to bother to explain why, but just know that I'm working on it. 

3.  Your donations are going towards good things.

Thanks to you guys, I'm in a position to subscribe to animation resources such; VideoBlocks, PluralSight, MotionArray, VideoHive.

My PC is next on the chopping block. It's slow as fuck. It was fine making videos in 720p, but it's struggling to render 1080p compositions, let alone 4K. To be honest, I don't think 4K is even an option at this point. I think I'll stick to 1080p.

4. The main fight scene... sigh.

Fuck me this is a tough one. I'm really, really struggling with this.

Animating a fight scene between 2x characters is hard, but 3x... I don't even know how to begin. Literally. 

I'm still hopeful for a May 17 release but I better come up with the right set of skills to make this happen otherwise it's going to be a lame fight. Put it this way, I won't be uploading anything worse than the Manji vs Buttercast fight. 

5. Upskill, upskill, upskill.

I'm on a learning quest.  I think I spend more time trying to work out the technicalities of the Adobe suite than I do actually making Maple Kombat. 

But that's a good thing. I want this to be the best. 

6. Website/Blog on the horizon?

I'm working on a blog and showcase website... Stay tuned for more details. 

7.  Short and sweet my ass.

I said I'd keep this short and sweet, and I lied! God damnit Dray, get back to work *cracks whip*

Love you guys, thanks always for your support. 

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