November's Piece is Local Amusements
We have been hard at work on it, and we're ready to reveal the four main sections of it:

1) The Story-Telling Clocktower - it tells the history of whole regions, sometimes reaching a small distance into the future in its tales, though it's not always possible to reach the region in question before those events occur, let alone change them.

2) The Lantern Garden - a garden filled with tall trees and large populations of moths, as well as a small number of giant magical moths whose mating dance is famous - but is so rare that it can be decades between chances to see it.

3) The Memory Sands - A well kept region of sand with a giant hour-glass at its centre, this place teems with the magic of memories and dreams, allowing people to share their memories with one another, and piece together the truth of events long passed.

4) The Trophy Room - A large collection of trophies from both common and mythical beasts, combined with a strange enchantment that allows them to temporarily reform their living shape. Most commonly people visit simply to see exotic flamingos, giraffes and other such oddities, but adventurers sometimes come with a different purpose - to train against rhinos and wyverns.