November's Theme, Shipping Updates & More...
Hello everyone!  A great deal has gone on this past week and I want to inform you of many things.

First, I had an emergency this week so this is why posts are few, and package shipping has been delayed.  I found out, though not life threatening as of now, that I have some issues with my esophagus and need to go in surgery next Tuesday.  I will not be in my art studio for most of next week.  I should (if all goes to plan) be at the Parkside Art and Craft Fair the following Saturday thou, November 19, with the help of some great friends (thank you). So please bear with me the next week.  I will post as much as I am able.

I have packaged all winning prints, gallery and trinket packages today... and they will be in the mail today.  I am using a new shipping system, that has helped me greatly, and used it for this months shipments.  You should have received an email with your tracking number.  If not please let me know,I will see why it did not happen, and get you a tracking asap.

Finally... November's theme is Winter Creatures.  Dragons, fairies and other winter woodland creatures will be in your packs.

Thanks again everyone for your support!  I really appreciate all of you!