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Caught by the Sadistic Space Smugglers

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Jane was eager to meet the smugglers in her teenager's video game, hoping they'd show her a good time like her last trip. However, the horny woman soon finds that being trapped on a spaceship with two viciously sadistic alpha-males isn't a piece of cake. She only wanted a few hours of rough sex, but instead, she's hunted, caught, strapped down, spanked, used, and interrogated.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far into space…

The beast, Olfim, is knee deep in spaceship repairs after a recent trip through an astroid field. He's glad to take a break though, when the small female appears out of nowhere. As a stowaway, she's fair game and he savors the smell of her terror as he hunts her down. After she's caught, he happily collars his new insatiable pet, and doesn't hesitate to introduce every one of her holes to his massive cock. When she unknowingly confesses to knowing about his smuggling activities, Olfim is incensed and sets off on a mission to discover exactly where she got her information. Luckily, his human co-pilot, Sam, is thrilled to use his interrogation tools on Jane's perfectly curvy body. However, it's difficult to extract non-existent information, but he deeply enjoys gives it his best shot.


Sam's trip to the cathouse hadn't lived up to his expectations, but it rarely ever did. He thought the rules in those establishments were completely ridiculous and he'd already been banned from most of them. As he landed his jump-ship onto their larger one, it shocked him that it still drifting aimlessly through space. Usually Olfim had things up and running faster. That beast had a way with electronics, and money. He shook his head, because in truth, Olfim had a way with just about everything, and Sam didn't mind working with the brilliant creature one bit.

He headed through the corridor, noting the emergency lighting on his way to the control room. Olfim didn't bother to glance his way as he studied the screen full of random flashing characters which Sam thought looked like mostly gibberish. The beast let loose a furious cry and slammed a fist on the desk, causing a metal leg to snap.

Olfim's aggression didn't phase Sam and he nodded, understanding that their ship would be out of commission for another few hours at least.

"Sorry, buddy," Sam said, almost meaning it. "What have you got for me?"

Olfim let out a series of various cries and Sam's face brightened at the news that an earthling was below deck. His hairy co-pilot wanted to know how the human knew so much about them. The big man strode out of the room determined to get to the bottom of things. Information floating around the galaxy that they were smugglers would quickly get them killed, and Sam would do just about anything to avoid that. He headed to the cell, gladly leaving the repairs in his co-pilot's capable, hairy hands as he planned out how he'd extract the information from their prisoner.

A droid obediently followed the angry man through the smuggler's hold as the lights gradually increased in brightness. Sam stopped in front of the cell, his arms crossed as he stared in surprise at the sleeping woman. He hadn't expected a female, and realized that his day just got brighter. Not only was it a woman, but she was perfectly curvy and feminine. Her face was turned toward him and she was a looker, maybe about his age with full lips and high cheekbones, long, dark hair and eyelashes. He felt like he'd just hit the damn jackpot, actually. After getting banned from another cathouse for being too rough, this was like finding buried treasure. A perfectly lovely little woman, just waiting to be coerced with no holds barred. Now he could go to town and get as rough as he damn well pleased.

At the feeling of someone sitting on the edge of her cot, Jane's eyes flew open, expecting to see Olfim had returned. Instead, it was the other guy, Sam, and he was watching her with interest. The man was even more handsome in person, with long brown hair and a grin that sent a thrill through her. She turned a little to give him more room and his eyes went down to her chest.

"Well, it seems like all the best things are found in the smugglers hold," he said, brutally pinching her nearest nipple.

"Ouch!" she said, pushing his hand off of her. She immediately realized he wasn't the charming man he appeared to be in the video game. Instead, he was kind of a dickhead. "Go away," she told him, turning her head away from him.

Sam's eyes traveled up and down her body, taking in the fading red skin of her curvy ass. Apparently, Olfim gave it a shot. However, Sam knew he wouldn't fail in an interrogation. He was actually planning things out so that the process would take longer. It was so much more fun to drag these things out, after all.

The woman had a lot of attitude, clearly, and that would be fun to deal with as well. He could see his pal's motivation in putting that humiliating collar on her and grinned at the engraved inscription, "Olfim's Slut."

It was impossible not to tense as his hand went to the small of her back after what she'd been through already. As he stroked lower, he began to feel the heat where Olfim spanked her and he couldn't resist drawing back and smacking his palm down hard.

Jane yelped and flipped to her back, gasping. Reflexively, her hand shot out to hit him and he caught it, pulling it over her head and fastening it to the post with the attached manacle.

"Wait! Don't do that," she said, as he flopped his big body onto hers, caught her other wrist and strapped it in beside the other one. She tugged at them, but they were securely fastened, and when she tried to buck the big man off, there was no way that was going to happen either. He wedged a knee between her legs, spreading them open, then backed up and despite her resistance, he shoved them open almost as wide as they would go. To her surprise, he came up with a strap, which he tied around her bent knee and hooked under the cot, then did the same to the other side. Never in any of her fantasies had she been strapped down in such an exposed position, and her cheeks grew pink with embarrassment as he sat back and grinned down at her.

The man was just too good looking, and Jane found herself hoping that somehow he was nicer than he seemed, but she was pretty sure he was just a self-serving bastard. Her ankles weren't tied down and she tried to kick him, but that movement was soon stopped when he got up and left the cell, then returned soon with more straps.

"I'm not into this bondage shit," Jane told him, as he came toward her with the thick leather straps. "Go away, stud. You've got the wrong girl."

"I'm pretty sure I don't," he said, strapping her ankles to her thighs so that her knees were spread wide. "Now we're going to have a little talk about smuggling," he said, stroking his fingers over her nipples then down her tummy.

"I'll pass on that," Jane said, hoping he'd not pinch the shit out of her nipples again.

His fingers passed her belly button, circled it, them moved lower to stroke between the folds of her pussy. "You're wet," he said, dipping a finger inside her them moving it in and out. "That means you like this."

"You wish," Jane said.

"Actually, I'd prefer you didn't," he said, letting out a sharp whistle.

A different droid glided into the room and came right up to the bed carrying a metal box. It was a humanoid shaped bot done up in a shiny gold.

"Now we're going to need some information from you. What's your name?" Sam asked, still fingering her. He pushed deep and curved his finger up inside her, hitting that spot she loved but couldn't reach on her own.

"I'm Jane," she said, groaning in pleasure while watching the droid apprehensively. She wasn't a big fan of robots after her experience with the shitty little electrocuting one.

"Where did you hear about the smuggling?" Sam asked, getting right down to business.

"Nowhere," Jane said, finding his finger inside her both delicious and distracting.

Jane's insides tightened around his thick finger, and Sam grinned as he discovered her pussy could be used as a lie detector.

"Listen, you're trying to extract non-existent information from me," she told him.

Sam removed his wet fingers and opened the box that his droid held, withdrawing a metal wand. "This device has the ability to mimic a wide variety of sensations. Once I get started, it'll likely be minutes before you break and offer up the information. The problem is that I won't want to stop…because I love this shit, Jane."

She eyed the metal wand that was no bigger than her beloved pink vibrator, hardly believing it could cause that much trouble. It wasn't attached to any cords, and couldn't hold much more than a few small batteries. Unfortunately, she didn't consider that she was in a video game and there were things she couldn't even imagine.

He put the wand back, pulled on a pair of gloves, then pushed a few buttons. After turning a dial just a small amount, he picked up the wand again. The machine didn't really look high tech at all, and Jane wasn't worried. There weren't flashing lights and it clearly didn't have electricity like the little asshole droid who kept zapping her earlier.

"Let's try cold first," he said, lowering the wand to her nipple.

The instant it touched her, she felt like he'd blasted it with dry ice. She gasped and her back arched as the cold bit into her.

When he smiled and pulled it away, the pain instantly disappeared, but the fear was still there. Her body collapsed back to the bed and her breathing was fast. She could see now what he meant about people giving in instantly, because she wanted to do exactly that. Unfortunately, she really didn't have anything to give him. She opened her mouth to tell him, but he turned the dial up higher and touched it to her other nipple. She screamed as the same horrifying feeling of unbearable cold cut into her like a knife.

She gasped as he pulled it away. "Stop!" she begged, her chest heaving as she strained against the straps. "It was a video game!"

"Let's try heat this time," he said, acting like she hadn't said a word.