Now that the Blog works (Pics)
Its time to start making it do Crud, which will allow us to update blog posts, and standard operations. A good practice with any application that stores data to make sure these options are available.
(Create, Read, Update, Delete)  

Edit: and done.

The RSS reader is a bit dumb, it doesn't allow me to set the timezone of my local area, so it thinks I am in England at +0  but other than that, it works pretty well, it's just a bit slow, roughly 5-10 minutes before it retries to grab my rss feed.

So where can I go from here you may be asking, I could make it look prettier with colors, backdrops styles, but I still have several features I need to go over, and we do not want to do that just yet in case we need to make large changes later.  Adding a comment section is a fine idea as well, but we'll need to make the site able to take in accounts. I also require to make session logins, as well as cookie logins. 

The insert blog section is not protected, right now it's under the mystical knowledge of knowing where it is. So once I get accounts // usergroups done,  then I could make the page only accessible if the user is logged in, and they are admin.