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NPC Card #5: Traksha
Who needs a psychopathic troglodyte in their campaign? Apparently I did. I can't understand why it took my this long. 

I had another extended post here, but figured I'd post it over on my blog. I like to develop NPCs that leave a lasting scar on the players. To rise a few personalities out of the masses of nameless enemies to spice up the game. 

I wanted to take this space and send out a HUGE thanks to my patrons. Despite the crap that happened earlier in the month with Patreon wanting to change the fee structure causing a good portion of my patrons to understandably take their dollars elsewhere, I've had an excellent month.

I lost a total of 9 patrons which is about 11% of my supporters. Despite this, my total pledges increased $20.50, which is a about a 10% increase. Strange! How did it happen. Well, I have fucking fantastic patrons. A group upped their pledges which went above and beyond. Thanks to the patrons who upped their pledges and those who weathered the storm. At the beginning of the month, I was scrambling for alternative options. But I do like Patreon and intend to hang out here a while longer. 

I hope you can find a small place in your game for Traksha. If you have the time, check out my blog, Gothridge Manor, where I go into more detail about Traksha and developing interesting NPCs. 

Oh, and the artwork is from Luigi Castellani. He's got his own Patreon that kicks ass.