NPR Tiny Desk Entry Demo!
have a listen to what i entered into Tiny Desk concert series! there is video forthis on You tube heres the link,, i Wanna thank u for your kindeness and support! this is a shared experience .. if i just didi it all and kept it in a box ... it would be the "tree falling in the forrest" bit! ya anything falling tothe ground  makes sound but your ears and mind are what tell u that its a tree;.  lol..  u are awesmonesss peace and i will keep u updated as to what happens ... alot of the music ive heard so far is epic but has a similarity and is like folk music with an electric grunge edge.. its like the thing i guess.. ijust hope im different enough to even make the cut... these vocals are made from,scratch recorded samples.. just static and a will to do something different. Bye for now! and xoxo love ya