Commission for MaidenWildWolf Muscles, Meat, and OMG Blue! I don't often pay to much attention to what people commission me for (I am deeply flattered anyone commissions me at all). I just say “Sure, I can paint Anything!” and then I get to them and go, “Oh Boy.” At least this habit challenges me to push my color, anatomy, composition, etc. understanding in ways I would other wise not practice studying nature. Like this one, OMG Nuclear Blue *Chuckles*... Media: Acrylic on Board Size: 5"x7" Date: 2015 This one scanned very well; it still is better in person, but not bad for a scan. Now to get this bad boy over the pond... One of these days I would like to see and visit all my works that are in Europe. Mostly in England, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. All places I would love to spend time, and study art. Enjoy *Grin*
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