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Nursing and Travel Tips for Babies
Traveling with a baby is scary. Really, you walk onto  that plane and you think, oh no they all know I'm the jerk who brought a  baby! But guess what, babies have to travel too. So here is my guide,  helpful tips and consolation for the struggles that are traveling with a  baby

You aren't alone. Lots and lots of people have to travel with a baby. It  can actually be pretty fun to have a cool trip that your little one  comes along on. I have really fond memories of some of the travel with  my son as a baby. Breathe through the hard times, babies will cry on  planes and fuss in cars and try to eat the edges of your RV. That's okay  and totally natural. A huge part of being successful in travel with  small ones is accepting the new reality of what travel with a baby is  really like.