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Nutsplanet's Shield Maiden
Part 4 - Ear, Chest & Finishing the Skin

In today's episode, Ben will softly brush our Maiden's ear - with just a few strokes and a little bit of red they turn alive! 

The next area is then the chest and Ben talks about his color and contrast choices before finally using some glazes to finalize the skin. 

We would call the skin 95% complete at this stage, after our next episode, the hair (which is going to be amazing btw!), it is possible that we go back to tie in some of the skin areas, but for now we are very happy with the results - and hope you are too! 

Tomorrow's episode is going to be quite a bit longer than our last two episodes, but then again it's the weekend and you deserve quality edutainment :D 

We'd like to thank all of you for your continued support - especially those who share & enjoy our videos with their friends and hobby community and send us all these beautiful and encouraging messages! 

You are the best :)