Nutty Bites 86: Podcasting for the Listener #Balticon

Nutty Bites 86: Podcasting for the Listener recorded at #Balticon 50

Podcasting for the Listener with Nuchtchas, Hugh O’DonnellMark Kilfoil, & Heather Welliver(m), recored live at Balticon 50. We discuss what’s out there, how to listen, and what makes podcasting great.

Podcasting for the Listener

A panel about podcasting for a listener, where to find podcasts, how to get involved, and what listeners are looking for.  Pet peeves listeners have and things they love about some podcasts.Hugh J O’Donnell · Nutty Nuchtchas · Heather WelliverModerator · Mark The Encaffeinated ONEDiscussion Panel 50 minsSaturday May 28th 2016 @ 4:00 PM – Parlor 8029

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