Nwain Sketchbooks!
Hello Patrons!

Thank you for reaching the Monthly Digital Sketchbook milestone!  Hooray!

Here's the first sketchbook, creatively titled 'Sketchbook October 2015.'  This is the first in a monthly series of free collections of process art, concept sketches, and other things related to Nwain.  It's a little peek behind the scenes.

The series will be available here on Patreon, on the Nwain website, and on my Gumroad.  If you know anyone who would like to support Nwain, but would prefer to make a small one-time payment, they may pay what they want for the sketchbook through Gumroad.

The sketchbook is FREE and SHAREABLE under a creative commons license. Feel free to make backup copies, print, or share the file according to the license in the pdf.