NZ Government Seabed Mining Agenda Exposed! Phil McCabe
Phil McGabe

After opening up New Zealand's regional parks for mining,

The government realised that harvesting minerals from the sea floor is the new game in town.

International momentum and attention from businesses and government have spurred this move,

Currently, there are many countries looking at programs for exploitation.

New Zealand holds the 5th largest marine estate in the world,

Up to 200 Nautical Miles away from the land is marked as it's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

Accounting for roughly 1% of the planet's surface,

So the potential mining interests and associated risks are voluminous to say the least.

New Zealand isn't the first country to "OK" Seabed mining,

In the case of Papua New Guinea,

The Community didn’t know about it,

Until AFTER they’d already consented.

And the process for approval here, isn't exactly above water either,

so to speak.