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O What a treasure friendship can be
Story time!!
I was on my way to buy some oranges one day to tattoo on after being inspired to continue tattooing after a super confusing injury/incident.

My friend Sam convinced me that tattooing fruit was stupid. Always has been. I thought so too but I was just so scared to tattoo a person at that level of confidence.

Long story short, I tattooed Sam.

Thank you so much for letting me tattoo you with my first left handed tattoo @sammikolon. It's been almost two yrs now and I feel great about being a lefty full time. That little dagger pried the coffin lid off an early grave for me. I will always be grateful, thank you for being there with me. ✨🙏✨ #lifer #tattoo #beloved #craft #nevergiveup #neverbackdown thank you ps @coffinbirthtattoo thank you for being the best neighbor and helping me set up for this 🎃