Obduction With Touch Support Is Not Ready For Prime Time!
 OK.. So I was really excited to see Obduction had finally received it's long awaited motion controller update... well that was until I actually played it! Don't get me wrong, I still love this game in VR but IDK what Cyan was thinking with this update? First of all the performance for me seemed to get worse in certain spots even with my graphics settings dialed down and the biggest part of the update being the motion control support felt really unnatural and buggy. Picking up and manipulating objects in the game was OK, but interactions with levers and switches had my hands seemingly disconnecting from my body and contorting into very strange and unnatural positions. There was also a fair amount of judder on hand movements just about everywhere in the game. If Cyan could find a way to fix this horrible hand interaction mechanic and make the motion controls feel more natural then I feel Obduction could be an even more amazing experience than it already was. Until then I will be putting this one back on the shelf. █-(