Object 02 - Magdalene
I've written about it here: http://auriea.org/index.pl/Object_02
Where you can also see the 2 finished models (rotate them, they are 3D.)

And you can already order it on Shapeways here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/zauriea

I had a few problems making these models. One being that I adore the mythology around Mary Magdalene  so much that I could have created 20 sculptures of her!

Thinking through work we are doing with the Cathedral-in-the-Clouds , I am attracted to the lives of saints and their stories. The genesis of this pose began in an etching  I made a couple years ago. And then progressed into some casual 3D self portraits. I know that when I can't let a certain image go that I can only keep working on it. So, this time starting from a model I had been drawing.  I kept thinking that with her long hair she was the perfect embodiment of the Magdalene, of this image. I asked if she wouldn't mind posing for the sculpture... I hope she will like it.

Anyway, the mess of bits and pieces in the image above represents the process I went through to make the sculpture. I scanned her many times, in variations of the pose, because ultimately the pose I wanted was not physically possible. I cut and pasted until the hybrid matched my idea... To critique my own work, I'd say that I've erred too far on the side of realism and I will most likely work with this material again to figure out what I really mean by it all. 

I do not have any printed model to show yet, but I wanted to get it out there since I am satisfied by the 3D. I had problems getting the model set up to print in wax or bronze via Shapeways: for the small size (only 7.5 cm tall) I would need to put in too many escape holes (I do not want to make fragments of this) or print it solid instead of hollow (= $$$)  Long story short, I have found an alternative. And that is to work with a bronze caster here in Belgium  who will help me make these correctly! I've visited the foundry and it was pretty impressive, they cast for all the big sculptors around here, yet they were very receptive to my project and have already given me quite good advice. So that will be an adventure!

The price of bronze casting remains a bit prohibitive even at this small size but I will get at least one of them cast. 

In the meanwhile I've ordered them in Black Acrylic from Shapeways and they seem to have no problem printing in the plastic materials. I will send you photos just as soon as I receive them!