Object Name Labels Are Back
First off, I finished the layer offset feature last Monday and anybody who'd like to try it is invited to install a daily build. So far I've had no feedback of any real-world usage. but this would be very welcome before it is included in the next release.

Today I worked on the last new feature I wanted to include in Tiled 0.14, which is the return of the object name labels. You can see their new appearance in the screenshot. The labels will no longer be cut off based on the size of the object, they're not rotated and scaled. they're always on top and they work for any kind of object. Finally, you can configure whether you want to always see them, never see them, or to have them only on selected objects (the current default). The feature is already available in the daily builds, and I look forward to hearing your feedback about this as well!

Next I expect to work on polishing and bugfixing to make sure Tiled 0.14 will be a solid release. I will announce the string freeze to the translators as soon as possible. In the meantime I'd still like to do a Tiled 0.13.1 release with some updated translations. As always, thanks a lot for your support!

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