The obligatory, if late, monthly post
Time for the monthly accountability check!

February: What the heck did I do all February? I feel like I was busy the whole time but have very little to show for it. Just one drawing, a UI prototype for a virtual pet, and some small returns on non-Patron-supported projects. Ugh! There were a few little changes to Refactor, I guess, and I also finally cut a brief trailer for what I have so far, but really the whole month just kinda zoomed by.

March: I have a bunch of stuff to work on! For example:

  • I am participating in a couple of game jams
  • I want to work more on Slimefriend!
  • More non-Patreon-supported work to do
  • I guess I should do my taxes at some point?
  • Oh and I have a few music things to do that I've been putting off way too long ugh why do I keep signing up for this stuff
  • Maybe I'll also do some comics? It's been way too long since I've touched Lewi :(
  • also figure out how to get more useful information out of Time Sink
  • Like I just did a cursory look at it and it looks like I spent way too much time on Slack and Discord and Twitch although I also spent a heck of a lot of time working on Slimefriend! so okay maybe it wasn't quite so bad?
  • but still, ugh