[OC] Queen Lynae Oyl touring exhibition (free)

Spoils of war. The captured queen was executed. Her severed head has been displayed in public plaza.

Original body is served as meal. The Resurrection magic repair her body. She would be displayed and serve people forever.


This OC is You Oyl's mother. Yea... Her daughter would be captured too. And this is the hanging scene (WIP). :D


Both mother and daugher would be a sex toy forever. :P

The original sketch is 2014... Yea. This work WIP 3 years. And it finally. I think I can said it's done.

Basically this is 1 CG and total 8 pictures. The background extra images. I don't really considered as a drawing... 

3 picture are Honey Select screenshot + redraw something

1 picture are using Fire Princess materials. I haven't drawing anything on that work. Just photoshop old template only.

Attachment contains

PSD (Patron Only)

PNG (Patron Only) - one unused photoshop work (remodk141253 ; from moepic.moe-ren.net/gazo)

JPG - 4pcs ; 1 sfw pc ; and 4 extra pcs ; And 1 pencil sketch (Patron only)

Enjoy :)

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Hi Res (Patron Only)  https://www.patreon.com/posts/oc-queen-lynae-9586698

WIP https://www.patreon.com/posts/4800424