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Ocarina of Time Theme feat. Shady Cicada
And here's our next Patreon Request from Sanjesh (sorry this took so long), across 2 count em 2 accounts! We both got requested to cover this iconic Ocarina of Time title theme, and man was this interesting! It's a very famous song, as simple and relaxing as it can be, but to make it combine both of our styles we threw in a solo section and even a few ambienty build up moments!

I really hope you guys like this one, check out Shady's creative covers if you haven't already, and stay tuned for more music! I plan on having another The Wild EP song next week, and once my PC is fixed up (yep my cooler wasn't working after a few days ago and my CPU is overheating) I'll be streaming it live! You can also look forward to:

- 50 Disney Movies on Guitar
- A Yooka-Laylee song for the new GameLark Album

- The next... 4-5 requests I swear are in the works!
- The PATREON MEDLEY - If you have not, you are entitled to submit ANY song to me to cover on the Patreon Medley (10-20 seconds each)!