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OCEANS by Hillsong United
Here it is!!!! This will be released to the public this Friday so please don't share the link! A challenge I had with this song is the massive dynamic range of the audio file. I tried to be clever with handling how to "master" it. There are parts that are so quiet and parts that are so loud. I had to be careful with how I went about leveling it out, yet keeping the natural build of the song strong. Thank you for your advice Kuya! Thank you all so much for you support. Thank you for your dollar. Thank you for you accountability! Thank you for engaging with me as I create content. Please continue to give me feedback! It's encouraging and I really do take what you say into consideration! Enjoy! COMING UP NEXT: I'm finishing up "Say It" and I have the video scenes recorded. I just gotta put that stuff together, and it should come out next month!