Octatrack + Pocket Operators mini jam

I have purchased all three Pocket Operators, and I have an Octatrack. Also I've been thinking for a long time about what the best workflow would be for me, when using the Octatrack. Today I took some time to try out a workflow that I've been thinking about for some time. This:

1. Jam the different sound sources into my DAW. (in my case Logic Pro X)

2. Edit a few sequences of good snippets, good takes, and other useful samples.

3. Mix the tracks. (Making them sound good now wil free up resources on the Octa)

4. Crop and export the sequences that I want to play with.

5. Transfer them over to the Octatrack.

6. Bring them into the tracks on the Octatrack, and slice them. Some can probably be sliced in a grid. Others must be sliced manually, in order to be fun to play.

7. Jam and set up the Scenes on the Octatrack, in a way that makes sense for live jamming.

This is just a snippet, so there's no charge here. I will try to make a tutorial on my workflow once I'm more comfortable with it :)

Stay Cuckoo everyone!


PS. You can actually download the tune up in the Soundcloud window.

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