October 16th: General News Update
Hey guys! Here's a little news update for the week of October 16th.

I'm still working pretty diligently on Wirehead! At the moment, I'm working on getting used to the character art as well as drafting the first chapter. 

For the past couple of weeks, I mentioned being tired. I ended up with so much pain and fatigue earlier this week that I had to stop everything for a couple of days. That's why updates were reserved for the weekend again.  My brain and joints and all that good stuff feel a little better now, so that's good.

I watched all of My Hero Academia while I was recovering, though. It's such a fun series! I doodled a bit for it and might post more. 

I applied to the Game Grumps Zine but got rejected, unfortunately. I probably had too many recent pieces that didn't have a background, but ah well. I mention this because I might do one of the ideas I had anyway just because I really liked what I was thinking of. Hmm. 

There will be a #ThrowbackThursday this week! 

In case you missed it, here's a round up of posts from last week:    

#ThrowbackThursday: Traditional Artwork/Naruto Fanart 

[Wirehead] Production Diary #3: Creative Influences 

HQ Illustration Download for September [PNG, JPEG, PSD] 

Sketch Batch [Overwatch: Various] [MHA: Aizawa and Tsuyu] 

 Wirehead: Character Art #2 

Journey Into Dawn 

There will be no new page this week. I do highly encourage if you haven't already to catch up on Patreon or Tapastic.

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