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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Patrons Only
Pledge $3 or more per month
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Minecraft name or twitter handle on Twitch.tv and on my site at http://www.rootbear.net/, as well as your name in a special channel in our Teamspeak -- Send me a message if it's different than your patron name!
Plus a shoutout at the end of all streams!
(And i will love you long time, no homo)
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Instant Access to the BearCraft Streaming or Sub server (if and when it becomes available), using whichever mod-pack or set of mods I feel like using at the time.
Plus your minecraft or twitter name on Twitch.tv and on my site, and in our Teamspeak
Plus An awesome Patreon tag on my Teamspeak server, letting all who come on know you are amazing.
(And i will love you longer than a long time, possibly forever, no homo, seriously, no homo)

*please note if you are caught greifing and/or violating Wheaton's Law in any way, I will ban you and you will not get a refund. You are expected to behave yourself on this server.*
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Join in at least one stream a month!  I will also join you on your stream once a month as well!
All previous tiers like before!
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