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The minimum amount for those who want to help, but can't spare much. 

You receive my undying gratitude.

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At this pledge your name (Or Username if you chose) will appear in my all of my video's endslates for as long you remain your pledge. 
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At this pledge you can submit a subject and I will draw you whatever you want once every single month for as long as you keep your pledge.

(I don't draw Gore or Porn.)

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At this pledge you can pick any single game from my collection or any game under 30$, and I will push it to a higher priority on my schedule, this way a game you want to see will be played in a two or three months rather then possibly years! 
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At this pledge I will buy and Let's Play any game of your choosing once a month, and it will be the next series on the channel after whatever is currently being posted. If I don't have the game you want me to play and want me to play it NOW, this is the reward for you.

(I have the right to refuse to play something, but I will negotiate with you to find something we both agree on.)
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