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The easy and inexpensive way to support the show. For just the price of a song on iTunes or cup of coffee whenever Sally Struthers began saying that on television, you'll get:

  • New episodes of the Player One Podcast made available to your favorite podcast client or on the web on regular release day.
  • The satisfaction that you support our show in a small but meaningful way. Every little bit helps, so we thank you.
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You like the podcast enough to slip us a fiver each month. Thank you! You'll have access to the podcast as per usual but ALSO you'll have access to a special patron-only audio RSS feed which contains Aftershow audio recorded after the YouTube livestream has stopped. All you do is cut and paste a special audio RSS link into your podcast client of choice and it's like getting 1.25 episodes of the Player One Podcast injected into your ears each week.
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