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Patreon Exclusive, Boozer & Stoner Sunday Funnies!

Boozer & Stoner the webcomic is already free to visit anytime you want, so I'm going to keep this simple, because life is better that way.

All you fantastic true believer's out there who become patron's will have access to Exclusive Large Format Comics, only available to Patrons!  

These comics will be posted about once a month as a special "Thank You" to patrons.

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For a measly fiver you'll receive a hand sketched and signed exclusive Boozer & Stoner Sketch Card!  Mailed right to your house!
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Patron's who go above and beyond and offer ten bucks will receive a signed copy of the 1st issue of Boozer and Stoner!  This comic is the only place to read the first meeting of Boozer and Stoner!  A must for die-hard fans and addicts. 
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