October 2015 Patreon Announcement
Hey there, ladies and gentlemen!

Alright, so this month is going to be to fulfill a few requests- one at large, and one from this year's best performer at the Convention (our own Rob "Hotshot" Pruden):

1. MiG-15 SOAR
2. F-86 SOAR
3. Matching scenario

These particular SOAR aircraft will have their altitudes raised to the maximum that the whole FP model of the system will permit; this will, however, have the byproduct of illustrating something that has been long discussed (limited energy) with respect to these first generation tactical jets.  The scenario included will be an interchangable "bounce" scenario, in which you can put either type in as the target, and the other as the player aircraft.

Also included will be a modicum of notes discussing the nature of air warfare at the bleeding edge of 50's technology, and how to alleviate some of the normal stress from putting these aircraft through their paces.  

The materials will drop next Thursday, October 29th, so this is your warning. 

Have a great week!