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Access to my private Patreon stream. This is where the community fun & learning begins. I'll interact with you frequently, we'll get to know each other better, and we can all walk this inspired path together. Tell me your Twitter handle and we can follow each other there.
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Summary & action sheets of my new podcast episodes. Information can only get you so far. These summary sheets are a great visual cue to put all this content into action.
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(Note: I don't have summary sheets for podcast episodes #1 through #16 i.e. anything that I produced before June 2015...as time permits I'll add them to the catalog and share them with you.)
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Jam with me once a month.
You'll receive a copy of my ebook, Unleash Your InnoMojo, plus get a patron-only invitation to my monthly Google Hangout, where you can ask me anything about leading and building innovative teams.
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Free 7-day trial access to a 30-day Inner Peace Experience.
I'll release more 30-day experiences over time, so the longer you remain a patron, the more experiences you'll have and the more your inner peace will build and grow.
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Each month that you're in this community, I'll deliver a one-hour virtual talk about peace-fueled leadership and innovation to a group of your choice.
Choose one podcast episode or article from my repertoire that resonates with you, and I'll teach it to a group of people that you manage or mentor. And...if you pledge 3 months or longer at this level, I'll include you in the creative process for my next book. You'll be the first to review my drafts, get a sneak peek of my cover art, and help me turn it into an invaluable resource for leaders everywhere. I'll also add your name to the book's page of acknowledgements.
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